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Your home is your sanctuary, where comfort and style combine to create a haven of relaxation. At AMG Glass & Shower Doors, we apprehend the importance of every detail in shaping your ideal residing area. We specialize in designing and crafting premium Chicago glass and mirrors that no longer complement your restroom but offer unmatched sturdiness and functionality. With a commitment to excellence, we increase our expertise to a big selection of services, together with glass, showers and mirrors, glass partitions, railings, mirrors, and storefronts. Let us take you on a journey to transform your space into a haven of elegance and functionality.


This is actually what we excel at. Replace the outdated shower curtain with a frameless shower door to modernize the space. We can assist in giving your bathroom, whether it is already renovated or not, a fresh, contemporary style that wows.

Comparatively speaking to a conventional curtain or framed glass shower door, your bathroom will feel more open and spacious. Frameless shower doors provide you the chance to entirely alter the design or structure of your bathroom by using several kinds of tempered glass.

At AMG Glass & Shower Doors, when you engage with our family-owned business, you always get outstanding services at affordable rates. You’ll appreciate our attention to detail, and we’ll even collaborate with you to assist you, choose the ideal glass door style and size.


At AMG Glass & Shower Doors, we can assist you with any railing project you may have. Our artisans will work with you to choose the ideal railing system for your home, one that is enhanced for good looks, style, lifespan, and safety.

Why add a pricey room when you can split the area with glass to make it feel open and spacious? In addition to being pricey, carpentry framing, drywall, and paint permanently divide space, making rooms feel constrained and small. For bedrooms, workplaces, fitness centers, conference rooms, or any other room where you would wish to quickly transform from a private area to an open one, sliding glass room dividers and partitions are ideal. Glass also lets in natural light, or “daylighting,” a fashionable design trend that improves the atmosphere and reduces energy use.

In the area, AMG Glass & Shower Doors not only offers the most reasonably cost glass railings items, but also the most reasonable pricing. This explains why we get so many requests for our help with glass railings. Whatever of the glass railing system that our clients choose, we can accomplish it quickly and effectively!


Mirrors are one of the few wall décor pieces, along with shelving and coat hooks, that have both beautiful and practical uses. A huge mirror surface gives any room the appearance of extra space and enhances light through reflection. Looking glasses were originally smaller mirrors placed in areas where grooming and dressing occur. These kinds of mirrors are increasingly regarded as necessary interior decor items.

You might be thinking about installing a large door or wall mirror, a reasonably simple hanging or vanity mirror project, or a challenging architectural or creative concept. Regardless of the complexity and scale of a potential mirror installation, the experts at AMG Glass & Shower Doors have the expertise and tools required to produce flawless results and guarantee lasting beauty.

Choose the mirror installation service that best suits your project by browsing through our offerings. In order to plan a successful mirror installation, get in touch with the customer service representatives at AMG Glass & Shower Doors for further details, a free estimate, or a no-obligation appointment.


Experts at AMG Glass & Shower Doors are on hand to handle any storefront glass installation and repair projects. Our employees have the training and credentials needed to use our glass designs to make your store a stunning sight. Our employees cannot be identified by their skills alone, but by their level of experience. We have offered commendable services to Chicago-area businesses, and now we want to help you.

Our organization has the ideal solution for the uniquely tailored storefront glass that your particular business location requires. Various storefront glasses serve a variety of purposes that might not be immediately apparent, but we are aware of them as knowledgeable specialists. In order to help you choose your distinctive storefront glass for your distinctive workplace, we provide you with all of this information when you hire us. After that, we can continue to install it superbly and competently.

Elevate your Bathroom interiors with AMG Glass and Shower Doors.

Welcome to AMG Glass and Shower Doors, your trusted partner for stylish and conventional glass installation solutions. Here, every product is made with quality and craftsmanship. We thoroughly understand your space and unveil our best-customized designs. Our experts are always available to enhance your bathroom’s beauty and style. At Glass and Shower Doors Chicago, you will get an excellent experience with our cost-effective services. We have become the utmost choice for our clients.

Services We Offer 

At AMG Glass and Shower Doors, you can get ample services, some of which are listed below:

AMG Glass Installation Chicago

Transform your bathroom into spa-like aesthetics with our excellent AMG glass installation in Chicago. With over numerous years of experience, we deliver state-of-the-art and superior craftsmanship services. We tailor every installation process to fulfill your design requirements. With this, you can add more value to your bathroom aesthetics and ensure a perfect fit and breathtaking look.

AMG Glass and Shower Doors

Whether you want to replace your shower door or install a new sample, we are here to help. We provide high-quality glass and shower doors in Chicago, making your bathroom interior more appealing. When you engage with our business, we promise you will always be satisfied by our services and prices. Make your bathroom more spacious and luxurious with our shower doors.

AMG Shower Doors Chicago

AMG shower doors in Chicago offer a touch of sophistication and refinement to any bathroom. Consider a few things to consider if you modify your bathroom and use glass shower doors instead of shower curtains and others. Shower enclosures or sliding shower doors can enhance the appearance of any bathroom. Custom shower doors are available if you prefer a certain style.

Glass Shower Doors Alternatives

Bathrooms with boring functional assets used to be normal, and now beautiful bathrooms with adequate glass showers in Chicago from us can add aesthetic value to your home decor. A new shower and vanity mirror, regardless of size, will increase the value of your home. So why wait? Avail of our services.

Glass Railing Installation Chicago

Enhance your home’s resale value with our exceptional glass railing installation in Chicago. Also, Glass railings offer a sleek and modern aesthetic, provide unobstructed views, and can enhance a space’s overall appearance and safety. Our railing service is powered with a great finish, and once we end our installation process, you will see a great finish down under.

Shower Door Alternatives

Shower doors and glass tub enclosures are excellent ways to bring light into your bathroom and make it appear more open and large. We supply glass from major manufacturers such as CRL, Cardinal, and Alumax. If you also want shower door alternatives, contact AMG Glass and Shower Doors. We have many varieties in our inventory, so you can choose from them without taking any stress.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We provide many bathe doorways, including frameless, framed, sliding, and pivot doorways. Remember your bathroom’s size, fashion, and options to choose the proper one. Our specialists can help you make an appropriate selection for the duration of a session.

Yes, we specialize in custom bathe doorways. Our team can tailor the doors to fit your precise space, ensuring a perfect, healthy, and continuing appearance. Share your requirements with us, and we will create a solution that suits your imagination and prescient.

The timeline for setup can vary depending on the complexity of the challenge. However, we complete maximum installations within a reasonable time frame. During your consultation, we will provide an estimated timeline based on your venture’s scope.

Our glass products are designed for sturdiness and simplicity of protection. We suggest regular cleansing with non-abrasive cleaners to keep them looking pristine. We can also discuss additional defensive coatings to decrease water spots and stains during setup.

Yes, we stand behind the satisfaction of our products and services. We typically provide warranties on our installations and may provide info at some stage in your consultation. Our warranties present you with peace of mind and ensure your satisfaction.

Safety is our priority. Our experienced setup group follows enterprise great practices and protection protocols to ensure a secure and trouble-unfastened installation. We take every precaution to protect your home and maintain a secure work environment.

Yes, we provide industrial glass answers, which include storefronts and glass partitions. Our skilled group can assist in decorating the aesthetics and capability of your business area. Contact us to speak about your specific necessities.

Scheduling a session is straightforward! Contact us through our internet site, and our friendly team will contact you to arrange a convenient time. During the session, we will discuss your wishes, offer hints, and provide an in-depth quote about your mission.

We receive diverse payment techniques, which include credit cards, debit playing cards, assessments, and electronic financial institution transfers. We aim to make the fee technique as convenient as feasible for our customers.

Our considerable revel in and expertise in the industry ensure top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail in every undertaking. We prioritize great, sourcing the greatest substances and adhering to strict, nice-managed measures.